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DEVICE Final event: March 7th 2014
Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi, Via Bligny 1/a, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
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The European population is ageing quickly. Lifestyles are consequently changing to comply with the specific needs of elderly people in order to maintain their well-being as long as possible.
On the other hand, another category of vulnerable end users that seems to raise little consideration among designers is emerging: children.

Designers should consider the emotional and cognitive involvement of the end user during the design process so that new and re-designed products meet changing consumer needs and wishes. User-centred design, ergonomics, and psychology become unavoidable elements of this process.

The project aspires to bridge traditional industrial design programmes with ergonomics, usability concepts and user experience approaches with a specific focus on vulnerable generations.
It intends to address the need to modernize and develop educational programmes with a specific focus on vulnerable generations and, ultimately, to become a milestone towards the modernization of design education.

News and Events

  • Extended deadline for ID&A special issue!
    [05.28.2014] The deadline to submit a paper on ID&A special issue  on   "Design for children and older people - Educating the Next Generation of Designers" has been extended ...
    [02.22.2014] The first prize winner of DEVICE BEST PRACTISE AWARD  for design targeted at vulnerable generations - children and elderly people  is ” Developmentally Situated Des...
  • IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not
    [03.03.2014] IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not – Show Us How You Teach Interaction Design and Children!  The workshop will be held during Interaction Design and Children 2014 confe...

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DEsign for Vulnerable generatIons: Children and Elderly